LS One allowed stepping further from manual work

LS One is a program that covers all stages of retail management from a POS terminal to a central office, ensuring data integrity in one platform.

The challenge

Manual work, which requires a lot of precious time from retailers of different profiles daily, is currently one of the key factors driving companies to innovate. Amarivus decided to get rid of this pain and, in 2012, applied to StrongPoint with a request to automate all possible retail management processes.

“After the implementation of the system, most of the processes are automated and as a result, the workloads have been significantly reduced. What makes us most happy is that there is no need to fill in and save paper reports – from now on, all data history is stored in the program. Work with POS has become faster, more convenient and more modern”.

I. Taločkaitė, Chief Financial Officer at Amarivus

The solution

The request by Amarivus was easily fulfilled. The above issue was easily solved by the retail management solution LS One.

LS One is a program that covers all stages of retail management from the POS terminal to the central office, ensuring data integrity in one platform. With LS One it is possible to efficiently perform the functions of supply, pricing, sales, promotions and discounts, to fully control the sales process: each employee is allowed to perform only those actions assigned to him, and all data is collected and stored at receipt level, so the retailer can easily trace and verify the operations performed.

Recently the loyalty functionality was added with new features. From now on, the program not only works faster but also allows to see the purchases and turnover of loyal customers in real-time.

Another obvious improvement of the program is the radically changed POS system window, which is distinguished by the easy-to-use 3D button layout, more convenient control and brighter colours of the user interface.

The result

In addition to the significant reduction in manual workloads, the customer is pleased that reports of various types and levels of detail can be generated automatically and effortlessly in both graphical and Excel spreadsheet formats. In this way, the company not only saves time in preparing reports, avoids human factor errors, but also receives more valuable information and at the same time can react more quickly to any market changes.

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