Unified solution for smart fashion chain management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Nav have enabled full optimization of store management processes from the cashier’s workplace to the entire company’s financial accounting. Central management now allows to control and monitor the activities of all stores and quickly analyse sales results.

The company

Apranga Group is a retail leader in the Baltic States, currently operating a network of 168 stores: 100 in Lithuania, 45 in Latvia, 23 in Estonia, including brands such as ZARA, Mango, Bershka, Burberry, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, MaxMara, ALDO and other.

The challenge

LS Retail with MS Dynamics NAV was first selected by Apranga Group in 2006 – for the management of some brand stores. The remaining Apranga stores were managed using Centux.

“We have chosen a company that can provide comprehensive services in all the Baltic States and is competent in the field of retail IT management.”

Valerijus Budiak, Head of IT Department of Apranga Group

When the Apranga Group started working with the Inditex Group in 2004, it needed a flexible system that would allow to respond quickly to the changing requirements of franchise partners and conveniently make changes in the retail system. The system of franchise store chain operating in the Baltic states had to be synchronised with Inditex headquarters in Spain. The company has chosen the international solution LS Nav and MS Dynamics NAV, and its implementer is LS Retail certified partner StrongPoint.

The solution

As the Apranga Group continues to expand, in the long run, two different systems no longer allowed it to respond flexibly to evolving business needs. Moreover, the administration and development of different systems have become complex, time-consuming and expensive. To achieve more efficient retail management, more flexible program modification possibilities and wider functionality, as well as having practically tested the advantages of the system, Apranga Group decided to move to a common unified system in all its stores – retail management system LS Nav, integrated with MS Dynamics NAV business management system.

Intensive in-store installation work was carried out at night in order not to disrupt the normal day-to-day operation of the stores and to provide customers with uninterrupted service during the day. In 8 weeks alone, 58 stores in Lithuania were renovated.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Nav allowed for full optimization of store management processes from the cashier’s workplace to the entire company’s financial accounting. Central management now allows controlling and monitoring the activities of all stores and quickly analyses sales results.

The result

The combination of LS Nav and MS Dynamics NAV empowers for more efficient management of all retail processes: analyse results of promotion campaigns, manage loyalty system, prices and discounts providing processes, and receive reports about sales data. The solution is also targeted to the future because the system can be expanded with new modules..

One tool for all operations

The specialized solution allows the Apranga Group to manage sold items, stock, store Backoffice functions, as well as POS systems and retail sales with the help of one program. Thus, POS terminal operations, store data and all central office functions are managed with one tool.

Real-time data

Up-to-date information on the stock of available/sold items is available at any time. With the implementation of LS Nav, the data exchange is much better and more efficient, as the information between the central office and the stores is updated periodically at a set frequency. Traceability of each transaction and data integrity of all stores are ensured.

Intuitive program management

It is easy and fast for employees to learn how to work with the system. The user interface can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer at no significant additional cost.

Data compatibility with franchise company systems

The company can now respond flexibly and expeditiously and make the systemic changes needed to make in franchise stores.

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